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Building Management Systems For Smarter Building Control

Building Management Systems

iLED’s Building Management System (BMS) division is the master distributor for Distech Controls, Sontay and eZi products in South Africa. Our products are award winners in building automation systems and will empower your businesses to operate more efficiently, economically and responsibly in an energy-conscious world. Our business model is to empower trained System Integrators to provide quality solutions (Read more)

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 Building Automation Suppliers

iLED supplies building management systems through trained channel partners (System Integrators or SIs). We are the only certified training facility in Southern Africa for our products through iLED University where internationally recognised certification programmes are offered. Whether you are a customer who needs to improve your building efficiency through a customised BMS system, or a System Integrator who requires the best HVAC controls and peripherals on the market, we’ll provide a custom solution to meet your needs.

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iLED have created a one stop shop in Building Automation Controls to better serve the Southern African market. [A number of terms are used to identify the market segment such as Building Management systems (BMS), Building Automation Systems (BAS)]. We are proud members of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

iLED are master Distributers of Distech Controls, Sontay, eZi Controls and the only company in Southern Africa certified to present Distech ECNet-AX and GFX courses through iLED University. We have a depth of knowledge through years of experience in the BMS industry and are able to design solutions to suit your exact requirements through our in-house design and production facility – this incorporates electronic as well as sheet metal products.

Our products cover the following segments

  • HVAC control of primary
  • HVAC secondary plant
    • Fan Coil Units (FCU)
    • Variable Volume Diffusers (VAV)
      • pressure dependant
      • pressure in-dependant
    • HVAC Transducers
      • Temperature Sensors
      • Humidity Sensors
      • CO Sensors
      • CO2 Sensors
      • Air Quality Sensors
      • Water Flow Sensors
      • Air Pressure Sensors
      • Water Pressure Sensor
      • Air Pressure Switches
      • Water Pressure Switches
      • Pulse counter modules
    • HVAC Actuators
      • Current Valve
      • Thyristor Control
      • Heater Step Control
      • Heater Binary Step Control
    • Protocols
      • BACNet and LONWORKS controls from Distech Controls
      • BACNet IO Modules from eZi Controls
      • BACNet FCU and VAV controls from Distech Controls
      • BACNet FCU and VAV controls from eZi Controls Controls
      • BACNet IP Eclypse from distich Controls
      • DALI
    • Applications
      • Lighting Control (including DALI)
      • Temperature Controls
      • Pressure Controls
      • Humidity Controls
      • CO, CO2 and Air Quality Controls
      • Access Control
    • Training
      • iLEDUniversity offers internationally certified courses in a number of specialised fields.
      • Only certified training facility for
        • ECNet-AX
        • ECNet-GFX