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Information Technology

iLED Information Technology

Connected Smart Lifestyle systems rely on enterprise-grade computer networking products. Whether for use in residential automation systems or professional networks in commercial control systems, reliability is of the utmost importance.

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Computer networking products

From the PDU (Power Distribution Unit) to the network switch, indoor and outdoor wireless network point and ADSL router, each piece of equipment must be designed to operate in a seamless integrated manner, ensuring first time–every time operation.

For this reason, we trust Niveo Professional computer networking products, world-class computer AV networking solutions designed in Europe. Anything else is a compromise.

Niveo Professional specialises in the large bandwidth requirements of high definition media streaming, and also ensures reliable and safe network storage for photos, movies and music.

Custom-designed racks for computer networking products

Every IT room, boardroom and residential theatre installation requires a 19-inch rack. iLED Manufacturing is a member of the iLED group of companies, and our manufacturing facility produces South African-designed and manufactured racks to suit your specific requirements.

iLED eZi Racks come in a number of formats and sizes, from ‘pull out and turn’ to wall-mounted and floor standing, and are custom fitted to ensure seamless design integration. High quality racks are essential to the smooth operation of your system.