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iLED Professional

iLED supplies a range of specialised AV equipment and systems to the professional audio market. As a leading AV company in South Africa, all our products are backed by expert training and the most reliable after-sales service.

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If your business operates in the following areas, iLED can supply you with the highest quality audio visual solutions at the most competitive rates for your customers:

Commercial installed AV systems

Apart Audio from Belgium is the superior choice in installed audio solutions. This renowned brand is used internationally in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, malls, museums, places of worship, warehouses, boardrooms, stadiums and a variety of entertainment and public venues.

Our engineers are highly trained in the design and specification of Symetrix, which is used in audio processing that requires acoustic echo cancellation, auto-mixing, loudspeaker management, room combining, zone mixing and paging, or audio routing.

For high definition video distribution we provide Wyrestorm engineered solutions. We also offer expertise in digital signage, classroom video, boardroom video and audio collaboration with HDMI and VGA. These AV solutions can be applied in retail shops and bars with local audio amplification, or simply for extending HDMI over CAT or coaxial cable.

Automation and control systems for AV equipment

All AV systems need control, and not just any control. Simple yet effective IP control based on wireless and wired networking is the most effective solution available.

With Bitwise Controls and Global Cache you can control an entire system from anywhere in the world with any IOS or Android device – no license fees required. If a driver does not exist we will develop one using our in-house engineering expertise. Whether for boardrooms, games rooms or video conferencing, or simple serial and infra red control, talk to iLED – our engineers will design a solution that is based on the latest industry standards.

The network and storage layers of any control system are critical to performance and general customer experience. Enterprise grade networking is important for reliable roaming connectivity of you tablet or smart phone, ensuring first timeevery time operation. iLED supplies Niveo Professional networking products as well as network attached storage, which are seamlessly combined with our own iLED EZI 19 inch racks, designed to suit all local requirements.

Lighting control

Single or multi-room lighting is easily implemented in either retrofit installations using Rako Controls wireless solutions, or in new builds using Rako Controls wired solutions. The British-manufactured range is SABS approved and comes with options for all lighting technologies available.

For building-wide applications, our BMS (Building Management System) products from Distech Controls offer a complete solution based on Voltage or Dali, with interfaces to all modern open protocols used in lighting and curtain-blind control.