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iLed is proud to offer a complete and comprehensive dealer training and education program. We host various training courses on our products and general custom install topics such as AV & Audio Distribution, HVAC, Automation, Control,  HDMI & Video Distribution, Lighting & Lighting Control, Networking etc.

Each course offers both lecture theory and hands-on practical application in groups from 3 to 10 individuals.

Roster Training – R500.00 ex VAT per person, per course.

1 on 1 Training – R1000.00 ex VAT per person, per course.

Roster BMS Training – R10 000.00 ex VAT per person, per course.

Pricing does include lunch for all Dealers attending the course.

Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours before training, after which deposits cannot be returned.

From this portal you can see some examples of courses we offer, when they will be presented, as well allow you to book for each respective course (essential). Where possible the courses are CEDIA certified (see individual course descriptions) to ensure professionalism through continued education in the industry.

Download the latest training roster HERE!




Examples of set courses we offer:

IP networks and networked media:

Niveo Professional  is a range of high quality computer networking products. Backed by over 15 years of industry experience, all products are designed and perfected by a dedicated team of industry professionals in Europe, thus ensuring the highest technical standards, but also easy to install and simple and convenient in use. Training includes instruction on IP networks, topology, configuration, wireless and wired design, IP control and automation , networked media, NAS, RAID, Network configuration, airplay, UPnP & DLNA.

Rako Controls & Lighting:

Wired – Wireless – Combined. Rako Controls provide the most powerful and affordable lighting control in the industry. Easy to retrofit, and completely modular and scalable. The only ICASA approved wireless lighting control system in ZA operating outside of the overcrowded 2.4GHz band. SABS approved! Rako integrates easily into any home, and any control system. Dimming options for all lighting types including LEDs. Integrates with SONOS for audio control. See more at Rako Controls.


Global Cache, BitWise Controls, Aviosys. The complete IP based control solution. iControl EVERYTHING using any iOS or Android device.  Simple and easy to use, configure and program- it also provides the most intuitive and best looking user interfaces! The age of affordable, powerful control for everyone is here! Get trained up to take advantage of the opportunities that iControl presents!

BitWise Controls:

Join us to learn about the industry’s most exciting and affordable residential and commercial control and automation solutions, available exclusively from iLED. The course covers product knowledge, hands on training with each of the three controllers, the NEW Room Remote etc. allowing you to use iOS and Android devices to control and automate just about anything. The course will also cover basic concepts in control such as Infra-red, RS-232, IP Networks etc.

Wyrestorm HDMI & HDBaseT solutions:

Experience the award winning HD Distribution offering from Wyrestorm. With a complete range of reliable UTP, coax, fibre and HDBaseT extenders, matrixes, splitters and repeaters backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty, Wyrestorm will have you covered. Wyrestorm also offers unique products for residential and commercial CI. Join us to learn about the products, their applications as well as theory in HDMI, HDBaseT, troubleshooting and system design.

Apart Audio:

APart -designed in Belgium- offers a complete range of high quality in-door and out-door loudspeakers; as well as a full range of electronics for the contractor market with emphasis on installed commercial sound. The course content will cover the full product range and it’s applications, as well as practical designs and their implementation. This is not a technical course, and it is aimed at sales persons and installers who wish to familiarize themselves with the opportunities that APart Audio can present!


Speakercraft has remained the workhorse distribution system of many South African homes for over 10 years, whilst providing the architectural speakers of choice for many integrators. Join us to learn about the Speakercraft range of speakers and electronics, as well as for hands-on technical training on the programming of the internationally renowned MZC system. This course will also include instruction on integration of the MZC into many popular control systems.

Distech Controls:

Distech Controls provides innovative energy management systems designed to optimise energy efficiency in buildings of all sizes. Through a range of advanced technologies and services, Distech Controls helps buildings to reduce their operating costs while improving comfort and cost-efficiency. Distech Controls’ unique, fully integrated energy management products enable buildings to achieve savings of up to 30% in energy and operational costs. These systems further empower businesses by helping them to reach their sustainability goals, enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and practice responsible energy usage. Comprehensive building management systems include air quality controllers, lighting control, security access and CCTV systems, wireless and battery-less sensing and mesh networks, energy management and metering, and applications for elevators and networked equipment. These systems can be integrated on multiple sites and campuses.