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Non Contact IR Wall Thermometer

BioSense is  a unique contactless infrared thermometer with ranging sensor that measures body temperature accurate to within 0.2°C. in 0.5seconds at a distance of 50 to 100mm. Simply walk toward the device, when you get close it will display your body temperature, indicate pass or fail with LED’s and audible prompt. No need for an operator with hand held thermometer, no need for contact of any sort – this unique fast responding unit is the answer to fast and efficient measurement of temperature at the entrance to buildings or sanitiser tunnels. IP50 for indoor use only. CE Appproved

  • Safe
  • Non contact
  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Visual and Audible alarm
  • Reduce Queues
  • Display visible up to 5 meters
  • Wall or Tripod mount
  • No operator required
  • Integrate to boom/tunnel/turnstile
  • BioSense for stand alone use
  • BioSense Pro for integration
  • Integrate BioSense-Pro into an access control system or sanitiser booth for efficient entry screening of staff and visitors.
  • Mount on a wall, add a tripod to mount on an access control turnstile or integrate into the sanitiser tunnel or booth.
  • App coming in Q3 2020 to connect BioSense to a laptop or mobile device.
  • Use BioSense-Pro with BioSafe Cloud Management system to view stasticis from our cloud based dashboard.