The entire manufacturing process is in-house, allowing us control overevery step of production. From initial design phase and powder coatingright through to packaging and quality control. Our trained staff ensure that the quality of our products aremanufactured to the customer’s specifications within agreed time frames.


Our computer aided design department uses the latest professional 3D modelling and rendering software to assist in development, design and visualization of products.
We are able to accept technical drawings/ General Arrangement (GA) drawings as well as 3-Dimensional models from the customer assisting them in designing a product for their specific requirements.

CAD Design

CNC Punch

iLedManufacturing operates the latestCNC machines capable of working with materials up to 5mm thick.
Our machines have a large variety of options as well as a selection of specialized tools for more specific job requirements. Our sheet metal products are manufactured to very tight tolerances and excellent quality standards.

Factory5 Floor

CNC Bending

Our manufacturing facility houses professional CNC press brakes capable of producing large volumes of accurately bent material.
Our machine operators are trained to focus on outputting products to the design specification while adhering to the requested tolerances.

Factory2 Bending MAchine

Powder Coating

In house powder coating plantwith energy efficient gas fired heating. The entire manufacturing process is on-premises meaning we have complete control over products through every step of the manufacturing process.
Our variety of standard colours meets most order requirements; should there be a special request from the customer for a non- standard colour, iLed Manufacturing will attempt to source and locate the best possible solution for the job requirement.

We stock a range of standard powder coat colours including:
• Siemens Grey
• Black
• White
• Electric Orange
• (examples)

Powdercoat Plant1

Chemical Prep

Our products are put through a 5 stage chemical preparation and rinsing process that adheres to industry standard- ensuring the material is properly prepared for the powder coating process.