Electrical Distribution Boards
Withdrawable electrical MCC’s
Standard electrical enclosures
Standard range of indoor and outdoor [weather resistant] electrical enclosures
Bus bar design according to client specification.MCC Completed

BMS- Commercial

Building management system electrical enclosures- indoor range and weather resistant (outdoor) range
Floor Standing MCC panels
Wall mounted distribution panels & MCC’s
HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-conditioning Cooling)panelsWeb Small export


We manufacture bodies for silent generator canopies as well as Diesel fuel tanks.

IT Racks

Full range of 19 inch Racks
Welded Construction- Floor Standing and Wall Mounted Racks
Flat Pack range
Slack Racks, data racks, Battery storage racks
A range of 19 inch Rack Accessories/Accessory Configurations e.g.: Lockable Door types: Solid, Perforated or glass.
Capability of manufacturing to specific requirements43U Floor Standing Welded Construction3


Specialized enclosures.
E- housesOperator Compartment Completed2

PLC- Industrial

Stainless or mild steel specialized enclosures for the industrial market. PLC’s (Programmable logic controller)and field instrumentation enclosuresControl Panel


Range of products manufactured to requirements specifically for the security industry
• CCTV Camera poles
• Specialized enclosures for the access control marketSecurtity


Water Treatment

Container re- fits to house electrical switch gear and VSD’s (Variable Speed Drives) . TheContainer is designed to be moved to alternate location (eg: rural area) where it can be connected to a pump aiding in water treatment for the local community.Container Refit1